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The Beatles were a huge icon for pop culture not only in their own country but around the world postwar. They were such an influential group that rock became a universal music genre all over the world including the United States. Many of their songs talked about how free they wanted and wished they could be referring to not having to live the way society expect young people as themselves to live. This began to live through all young people in the 1960’s due to them also feeling the same way. They just wanted peace for all and lived through this by rebelling against society. What really made The Beatles popular was how they executed their style of music with an American feel. What set this group apart from most was that they were not strictly rock, they always managed to incorporate pop to create a soft rock feel which also showed how opposite they were from other music groups and people around the world. This was history for the youth because these group of men gave the young a voice in society that was executed well. This music was considered so different and opposite from each other because during the war the music that was popular was mostly the blues which was more on the emotional and sad side. During this time the youth had established their own way of living including, living a peaceful life, using gateway drugs to feel free, and also living on their own

Taylor Nelson #MCU

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